Artist conversation, Yireh Elaine Kwak, Week 14


Artist Yireh Elaine Kwak was at the Gatov West gallery this week presenting her gallery Liminal. Kwak lives in Fullerton Hills, and you can really see it in her paintings, literally. She likes to paint big portraits of the scenery by her home, giving a lot of detail, and use of color in an almost surreal like end product. When asked about where she gets her inspirations it should be to no surprise that it comes from her surroundings, whatever is around her influences her art. As of now Fullerton hills is what is around her, so that is what she is influenced by, and what she is painting.

Kwak has plans of eventually becoming either working in a museum or becoming a an artist. As of now she has been collecting all of her best work in a portfolio to be ready at anytime for interviews. She also wants very deeply to be considered different from other artists, so that her art can become unique. Lastly when it comes to process in which Kwak says that she loves to constantly sketch outside her home, and then turn her favorite sketches into paintings, this process takes a month or so.


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