Jairo Student Conversation week 13


Jairo was a former mechanical engineering major who then switched to a communications major. He is in his third year at csulb. From an early age he had been around cars and mechanics, and even considered working as a mechanical engineering major for a time so that he could work with cars as an adult. However when he started actually doing engineering classes he found he didn’t have the passion for it he thought he did. After some thought Jairo decided he wanted to instead become a communications major to work on something he did have a lot of passion for.

Jairo wanted to become a communications major so he could work in radio. He realized that he could put his love of music into a real career. And when he talked about it to me it became apparent that he had made the right choice. He told me that he was in band in high school, that he loves listening to music, and always researching new artists. He says that his end goal would be to work at an independent radio station because he wants to look for the newest talent to help bring on to a bigger stage.


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