Student Conversation Joe Gaimban Week 14


Joe Gaimban is a senior at csulb who wants to major in business management. He comes from Illinois, a long way away from both the sand, and the waves of California. He commutes to school, and says he does not have a lot of time to go out and do to many extra curricular activities. But he does enjoy watching television shows that I like, such as the walking dead, Game of Thrones, and Silicon Valley. He also says that his favorite thing to do is watch sports, something that I’m not that big a fan of.

Lastly Joe talked about his experience in the class. Initially he didn’t think to much of the art galleries, but once he got to see them, and got to see the many different types of art he though that they were very interesting. And he thought it was a cool experience. Seeing art, different types of art every week is something that both me and Joe were not expecting when it came to this class, and it was a most welcomed surprise.


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