Artist Conversation Airrillye Brown Week 15


When I look at Airrillye Brown’s work I see characters. I see characters that inhabit a fully fleshed out world of there own. One of the characters seems to be some kind of gopher like anamorphic animal, adorned in a Viking hat, a shawl, and what seems to be a Scottish kilt. His belt looks to have a round buckle with a symbol on it indicating he is apart of a larger group. His facial expression is stern, so that it would indicate a kind of warrior. From this character’s appearance we can tell he is a warrior who lives in a medieval fantasy world.

When I read Brown’s artist statement I realized why this character was created. Airrillye Brown aims to be a visual/character designer at a video game company. Now knowing that I can see why there was so much detail and world building in a single character. That is because this character was meant  to live in its own world. I can definitely see this being a character you would play as in a video game.


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