Artist Conversation 13 Shihori Nakayam

IMG_0244 IMG_0248

Shihori Nakayam is an American immigrant from Japan. She draws very complex drawings of her memories. Many of her drawings contain big landscapes with smaller illustrations. For example one of the drawings I took a picture of is a massive vine/seaweed like structure that encompasses the whole sheet. And within that massive structure lie many smaller drawings that seem to really flow into the vines. There are so many of these smaller drawings that usually it requires multiple viewings to capture all the drawings that were illustrated. In the particular drawing I took a picture of I can count 11 distinct smaller drawings within the structure.

When I actually got to see the artist I found that she bore a resembly to many of the girls in her drawings. That is because she was those girls. Nakayam was illustrating her memories. But not just any memories, they were her happiest ones. They were memories of her upbringing in the Japan, and the United States. And how she would get along better with animals then humans. Each piece, as she tells me requires a lot of planning and effort to make due to their complexity. Because of that she says they tend to take about four months of hard work to make.


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