Artist Coversation week 12, Piet Eppinga

IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0233

The human experience can be interpreted in many ways. I believe that Piet Eppinga choose to show it by how we are connected to multiple people/ideas. In three of Piet’s ceramic works it is really evident. One is a tribal looking woman with a decorative pot on her head, she has very noticeably large breasts, and a large hole where her stomach is located. Another is a group of structures connected to a larger structure which has breasts attached to it. And lastly I chooses one more piece which can be best described as a large structure, with a smaller similar structure attached to it. All of these ceramic sculpture’s seem to have multiple things “attached to them” in one way or another. They also all have a very over emphasized parts as well.

Piet describes the first sculpture I looked at of the woman as a nod to fertility, and how we are connected to our mothers. The breasts are over emphasized because breasts represent nourishment to infants. And the hole in the middle of the sculpture to represent a uterus, of which Piet calls the start of life. Next the multiple structures with the pair of breasts is meant to represent a queen, but more in the sense of what a queen should aspire to be. The center figure with the breasts is the queen, and attached to it are structures that represent land, wealth, and stability. Lastly there is a ceramic sculpture Piet calls father and son, he calls the bigger structure father, and the smaller one the son. He says that it is supposed to show the relationship between a father and son, and how even though son’s are often told to be on there own, they will always be apart of there father.

These three sculptures show the relationship between a mother and child, a father and son, and a queen and her responsibility. Piet uses takes each theme that he has chosen, and makes a sculpture from it. He uses techniques from all over the world to accomplish it, because as he says he does not want to be tied to one style. And when he does his art he uses over emphasis to get his point across. These methods truly make it so that his theme is really visible in his art


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