Art activity 12, Algorithmic art


I choose a drawing for my algorithmic art. I had always held more of a lean towards the math and sciences than the arts. So in this algorithmic piece I put in a lot of structural patterns, and very simple drawing requirements. All you would really need to do this piece would be a pencil, paper, and a ruler. I also made sure to make all the steps very easy to preform. I also wanted all the patterns to be easy as well.

My algorithmic drawing starts out life as a rectangle. But not just any old rectangle, the long sides must be exactly 15 centimeters in length, while the short sides must be 9 centimeters. And the lines must be as straight as possible. Next comes the slightly more difficult part, you must make two columns that start exactly 1 centimeter inside the rectangle away from the long sides, and then make two columns inside that new parameters 1 centimeter inside from the short sides. You my do this part as many times as you like, I for example choose three times. But be careful because when you start filling out the columns the patterns will get harder to see.

After you are done making your drawing consider the types of fillings/patterns that you want to put in it. I choose shading, stripes, spirals, and tick marks as my fillings. You may choose whatever you wish, but they must be put in the correct sequence. The two outer most long length columns must be the same pattern. Also the second outermost column for the long sides, and the outermost column on the short side must also have the same pattern. Then the second outermost column for the short sides must have the same pattern as the two outermost long length columns. Continue this trend until you reach the middle columns of which you may put any pattern you wish to put.


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