Week 11 student conversation, Matt Stahl


Matt Stahl is a sophomore at CSULB. He commutes from home and from a young age has always had a fascination of computers. Both his parents had a some kind of connection with the sciences as well, his father being an electrician, and mother being an industrial waste inspector. Matt believed that due to his like of computers that he should give the profession of engineering a shot at college, he even told me that he nearly sure of himself of his choice at the beginning.

Yet then life occurred. Matt said that in his freshman year he began to falter. His classes got hard, and especially calculus got difficult. After two semesters of calculus 1 he made the decision that engineering was not a profession for him. He later made the decision over the summer that he would switch over to being undeclared. Over the last two semesters he took classes of all variety’s to see what he liked. For example, he is taking criminal justice and psychology courses to help decide what he will do.

He calls this “experimentation”. As of now Matt Stahl says he still not exactly sure what he wants to do, but he does say he really did hate psychology, and that he never wants to do it again. But, he will still keep trying, and that he still wants to do something with computers.  He tells me though, that he still has his passion for computers. He is currently looking at a major in design right now.


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