Week 11 activity Plaster castings

IMG_0220 IMG_0224

For our week 11 activity we created plaster castings at the beach. Personally due to my schedule I could not come to the beach at 10-12, so instead I preformed the task on Sunday. At Saturday night I visited Michael’s (a crafts store), and bought a small tub of plaster to use for my mold. Then I went to Seal Beach around 8:00 to gather sand, which I carried in a bucket from home.

At first I thought I would preform the activity that night, but it was already really dark, and did not feel like fumbling with a flashlight, and reading instructions on something I’ve never done before at night. So, I made the decision that I would continue with the activity tomorrow morning. But, what I did do was make the decision that I would make a hand mold that night.

The next morning I awoke, ate breakfast and then got right to work on my plaster model. On the request of my parents I did all the work on my front lawn, where mess could be easier cleaned up. The first step I did was wet the sand. Next, I stuck my hand into the wet sand to create a hollow hand shaped hand hole. Then I created the plaster quiet easily by mixing water and the powder. Lastly I poured the plaster into the hole, and waited for the plaster to dry. Upon taking the mold out, I got a somewhat hand looking sculpture.


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