Week 10 Student Conversation Eugene Kaler


Eugene Kaler of Santa Monica comes from a family of engineers, his father is an engineer, his brother is an engineer, and even an uncle of his is an engineer. He’s had this sort of thing in his blood. And as you might expect Eugene Kaler himself is an engineer, a mechanical engineer to be exact. He says he chose mechanical engineering because of a fascination with how cars and bikes work, and would love to get a job working with cars after his graduation, which is coming very soon.

As I know because I to hope to be a mechanical engineer, it is tough work. And from what Eugene tells me, it only gets tougher until you get out of college. Classes pile up on you, classes that are hard by the way. As I know right know time becomes a precious resource, and spare time becomes harder to come by. For example I used to watch a lot of television, I would channel surf and let any old thing play in front of me for hours. Now I have only a number of shows I really like, that I can afford to watch, and I also have usually wait for critic reviews to start something. Eugene says that like me he doesn’t watch that much television anymore, and that most of his screen time is spent watching videos on the internet.

Eugene also tells me he likes to go to the gym, and bike for workouts, much like I like to run. He says he’s been saving an easier class like art 110 for while since he’s had some harder classes, and needs to get a GE done. And that even though he does have some trouble finding the right questions to ask artists, he still enjoys the class when compared to his engineering ones. He even told me jokingly that if I ran out of stuff to write about him I can make up that he likes to ride his bike naked around Santa Monica. But despite his harsh workload he claims that engineering is difficult but worth it.


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