Week 9 Archetecture and Urban Planning Project

IMG_0172 IMG_0171

My redesign of the campus concerns something that has bugged me for a long time. I have for my past two semesters park in the parking structure near the fitness center. But, I also have classes that would stretch between the entire campus. This means that I have a lot of walking to do between classes, and sometimes running. So foregoing all logic I would want to create automated walkways around campus, these walkways would go as fast as a person who is briskly walking, and go along the perimeter of the entire campus. Now would this be feasible? My answer, probably not. The converter belts would most likely snag, get stuff caught inside, not work in the rain, and would usually be overcrowded on rush hours. However as a dream for myself and likely others I believe my redesign would be a godsend.

For my “adopt a building” I chose the engineering two building. This building is a lot to me, as an engineer I always have a class somewhere around it and am always walking by it in the morning. This building, is most recognizable to me due to the large words Engineering on the front. As an engineering major hopeful this defines what I aim to become, and what my future holds. This building is even home to the Engineering success center, which is like counseling for engineers. That’s a place all engineers must go to before they make up there schedules for every semester.

When I actually took a hard look around the building I took a notice of the people there. There is a small area with benches, and vending machines directly behind engineering building 2. In this area is where you can see a lot of people just getting into/just getting out of class. What do I see? I see people hard at work, I see people on there laptops, talking with others, looking at notebooks, and group studying. And when I walk past windows I see even more hard work. I see people listening attentively to professors and working diligently. This is what I am apart of now, and this is what I will be for the next four more years.


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