Student Conversation week 9 Tai Bui


Tai Bui is a csulb student who wants to be a computer engineer as his major. Similarly like me he takes hard classes like calculus to achieve his goal. And in doing so does devolpe a lot of school related stress. For that reason he much like myself enjoys taking Art 110 as an easier class to cushion his harder more time consuming ones. Also, when I asked him about how else he likes to wind off after he’s done with school, he replied with basketball. This reminds me much of myself and cross country. Cross Country running is still a good way to clear your mind after a long days work, and also healthy for you.

Tai Bui in addition to his liking of this class and basketball also has something else that takes a large precedent. There is a big divide in his life between his Vietnamese side and American side. Tai Bui who is of Vietnamese decesnt but who has lived in America for his whole life says that he does feel like there is two parts to him. He has Vietnamese culture and American culture thrown right at him. But he likes and values them both, and does not want to put one over the other. I like this example of how he deals with it the best. Tai says that earlier in the day he will usually eat some kind of American fast food, and later in the day he will eat Vietnamese food.

But lastly me and Tai have something big in common. Tai mentioned to me that he considers himself an introvert, and shy. He told me that part of the reason he likes this class is because in a way it forces him to have conversations with people that he does not know. I can deeply empathize with that, I have always been shy and introverted. And something that helps me get out of that has been talking with random people in this class. However my latest remedy has been to join a fraternity,a place where I feel like I can talk to anyone and have a friend. I don’t know if me or Tai will ever be the social type people that some are, but I think that this class helps us at least get out of our shells for at least a little while.


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