Artist Conversation Week 9, Michael Rollins

IMG_0166 IMG_0167

Artist Michael Rollins painted many large abstract oil paintings for his exhibit, and let us poke around a little at his head. The art gallery he presented was full of very large abstract paintings. All of them seem to have a cave or vortex like shape to them. But also what stands out to me the most is the color. In the two paintings I posted each of them have a certain color pallet. One of them is pink, yellow, orange, and light blue. Where as the second painting is light blue, light green, and a pale yellow. The vortex structure of the painting is an excellent way of allowing all these colors to blend together.

However what Rollins has to say about his art experience is just as interesting. Michael truly wants to throw himself into the art he is doing. He views college as a way in which he can accomplish this goal for at least four years. College being a time when a person is young, has time, energy, and not the responsibilities of a family to provide for. One thing in particular I find extremely interesting about this philosophy of throwing yourself into art is one of Rollins habits. Rollins apparently just names his art galleries after whatever he feels like. He does not really care what his art is called, because it is not as important as the art itself is.

When talking about art and his art, Michael did mention his art has a cave/vortex inspiration to them. And that part of this stems from how humans once painted in caves. Also he wanted to give his paintings a thick physicality to them. This is especially noticeable if you walk close to paintings and see the thick layers. I personally believe this makes certain lines really pop out, and make the painting more three dimensional like.


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