Week 8 Student conversation Prem Muni


I saw a lot of myself in Prem Muni, But also some differences. Prem Muni is a csulb student who hopes to follow in his fathers footsteps of becoming an engineer like his father. He looked up to his father like I do mine, and choose to aspire to be like him. Part of that was seeing how much his father could provide for his family on engineering salary. Something I know a lot of. Money has never, ever been an issue to me or anyone in the family. If my grandpa had a medical emergency my parents could pay for it, if there was water damage it was paid for, and even now my parents tell me not to worry about paying for college because of how much they make.

This gives me a rather privileged life, as I do have fraternity friends who mention having to work, and a few who live in neighborhoods not as good as mine to make payments. Even though I have heard and seen money limits and troubles, I have never experienced them myself. Prem, who also lives at home has a comfortable home life. His goal is to ultimately work his way through an engineering firm to a management position and get a big salary. This is an exact copy and paste of what my father did in his work experience. He started out engineering, and later worked his way into becoming a manager at the Boeing corporation.

But that is not to say we don’t have some differences. In ways to relax we are quite different. I like to hang out with my pledge brothers at the nugget or the fraternity house, or play video games. What Prem likes to do what he calls, and I also agree “reckless”. He likes to drive really fast and swerve down curvy roads. I’m all for trying new things time to time but driving fast down curvy roads is something I do not see myself doing any time soon. Different people do different things to relieve stress, but I prefer things more relaxing than adrenaline rush car moves.


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