Week 8 Project remix culture

IMG_0153IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0152

In this instance of copyright I choose to let my work be as free as possible. I do not care if anyone in the next minute uses the words I am righting down right now for whatever reason. I say let my work be free. I believe that in times that there are right uses of copyrights, for example if I created a million dollar invention I would definitely want it copyrighted. But for art I am more loose as especially in this day and age the internet is full of so many wonders in its ability to readily connect/inform people. I do not want a limitation on art. However despite this I still do not like imposing my views on others, I am willing to let people do as they like for there art. Because of that I would change very little to copyright laws. The only thing I would change is the ability for people to renew copyright after the death plus 70 years rule, as those people were not the creators.

Also my remix project was simple and also acted like a stress reliever. I have a test this coming Tuesday on calculus, and have been creating an endless amount of chicken scratchings that no longer mean much to me. This test has given me a lot of stress for the last two weeks, and has caused me to miss out on extra curricular activities that I enjoy. So I wanted to make all of that stress just sail away. I turned something that represented my anxiety into something completely different. I turned my chicken scratchings into paper boats.

Even though I am by no means good at paper folding, I do know how to make paper boats and planes. Because of that this remix was not to difficult at all, and it was intentional. I took a note from performance art, and made the act of doing the art, art as well. Turning something that ate hours away from my life, into something juvenile  and silly was actually kind of soothing. As evidenced by some of my boats I was not aiming for perfection just making paper boats. I wanted to do something to relieve myself, not do repetitive work. And I pretty much succeeded.


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