Week 7 Activity Landscape with a corpse

IMG_0131 IMG_0133

Doing this activity was extremely strange. Thinking about one’s own demise is something people don’t tend to do. I decided to base my first picture on the real life cold i had this week. This whole week I had been feeling really sick and just wanted to stay in bed all day. I wondered to myself, what would happen if I simply felt so weak i fell asleep and never awoke? Something truly morbid. My mind immediately went back to the novel “Into The Wild” . The death of the main character Chris McCandless as he lay sick and cold in his bus. Every passing day he grew weaker losing track of days and being unable to even walk. One day he feel asleep to never wake up, and was found by startled hunters months later. Decaying away, and knowing you will most likely die to me at least seems a truly sad and depressing way to go.

My second “death” was the opposite. I thought to myself what if i was just sitting a desk studying for an upcoming exam like i normally do, and suddenly I keeled over and died . I’m in casual attire and face planted in the desk. I wonder how long it would take someone to notice i died. Would the thud of my head hitting the desk alert anyone? What if no one was home? How long would it take to find out I had died? If everyone plopped dead this instance i do realize that not everyone would be in the most graceful position. Overall this activity has been peaked a strange curiosity in me. Everyone dies, but the question is how and why?


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