Artist Conversation Claire Samani Week 7

IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0125

Paradox’s have three definitions, something contradicting but also true, a person/object that is contradictions, or an entirely contradicting statement. All the art displayed in the gallery I visited where in one way or the other contradictions. I managed to find one for each definition. One was a man and dog walking, however this involves a humanoid with a dog head, and the “dog” with a human head. This is a contradicting object. As it takes something normal a man taking his dog out for a walk, to a dog taking his man out for a walk.

Next we see an artist who cleverly sent in a submission with the only words on it “I”M not doing this assignment” to  which obviously the assignment was about paradoxes. The paradox being that, if someone sends in a work of art saying “I’m not doing this assignment” to a gallery for paradoxes, it fits right in. Where as in any other gallery it would feel like some sort of act of defiance, or really strange. It self contradicts itself by not wanting to be a piece of art, but also being a piece of art that could only fit in perfectly in this single instance.

Lastly I see an impossible object, a group of see through glass bottles arranged in such a way they perpetually pour water in to each other. This is a self contradictory object, that defies the laws of physics. This object simply is, and con not be reasoned. Paradoxes like this one and the dog/human one can only exist in our imagination because they bend the rules of reality to far. However some can exist in our world. Like the “I’m not doing this assignment”. Art like this is really a sight to behold because of the way it bends our sense of reality. Because it is so different and seems especially alien to us.


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