Yarn Bomb Project Week 6

Before this class I had never heard of the term Yarn Bombing. Yarn Bombing be sort of like Graffiti, but using fabric instead. In comparison to graffit i want to first compare the two videos we watched on the subjects. In the grffiti video we saw a racially diverse group of men 20’s-30’s running around the city to voice their artistic expression, dissatisfaction the way of the world, or even just brighten peoples days. Meanwhile in both of the yarn videos we watched we saw groups of white women 20’s-50’s knitting happily away just to make peoples days a little brighter.

Another thing to note is that in the graffiti video we say that many people had mixed feelings on graffiti. One old woman believed that the graffiti on her house made it more beautiful. While others viewed it as an ugliness. The graffiti painters where especially good at covering their tracks and made sure to be ready to bolt should they be caught. And it was also noted that there were also hefty fines to pay upon capture. While contrastly it is mentioned in the gametheory clip that the many people find the yarn bombers artwork universally pretty, with one mayor even willing to pay the yarn bombers to beautify various parts of the city. And in the second yarn bombing video the woman tells the camera that she isn’t to afraid of the police, and it should also be noted all of the subway denizens love the art.

While their is nothing to say yarn bombing could not become more masculine art, I believe at this stage in its life yarn bombing is still very feminine, while graffiti is very masculine. I say this because of the people and styles that dominate both the groups of artists. Graffiti is loud and shouts constantly at people. Where as yarn bombing is a more soothing, gentle hello to anyone who passes by.


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