Week 6 Student conversation Jay


Jay, is a computer technician who goes to CSULB. He  much like myself hopes to one day use his college days to become an engineer. His specific engineering field being computers. From an early age Jay always had an interest in computers, much like i always had an interest in math/science. From that interest grew a potential career. In that I knew in a way we were connected. Also another motivating factor for engineering is the money. Engineering being a field were it is fairly easier to get a high paying job after getting a degree, with decent grades of course.

This does make me think back to my parents, who’m with two engineering jobs were always able to afford things for me and my brother. Throughout my life I went to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, grand canyon, and more. My parents could afford a lot of the toys i wanted for Christmas. And even now in College they are paying to keep me going through school because they don’t want me to get wrapped up in student loans. And for that i am especially grateful.

But there were also differences. Jay had a talent for painting at a younger age, while for me despite taking two ceramic classes had no actual talent in it. And also Jay mentions having no spare time because of a busy schedule. This is big to me, because one of the big things in my life is having enough time to relax and not be family or school. I have time for school, my fraternity, and self.


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