Artist, Mackenzie Stribich week 6

IMG_0096 IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102

Mackenzie Stribich did not write an artist statement in the normal way in which other artists have. She did not write her inspiration, nor style, or even why. She merely wrote a passage from an unknown piece of literature. The passage in question is about a man and his lover at what seems to be an art gallery. The man and woman are walking by when the woman is entranced by a painting. The painting being of a group of drunk women. The woman can only stare in shock as she realizes that she is alcoholic like the people in the painting. The passage ends as the woman is taking all of this in.

All of Stribich’s photos are in someway like the passage. They are all about people interacting with art. Not all are affected like the woman in the passage bu everyone has there own unique look about it. For example there is a boy who stares at a painting of a group of explorers. The boy probably dreaming of going on adventures and action in an great unknown land. There is also a man with a magnifying glass trying to take in every detail of an intricate painting of what seems to be ancient Greece. And lastly a picture of a tired security guard who has most likely seen every painting in the gallery’s thousands of times and is no longer amused by them.

But getting emotional toward art is not just getting emotional at a painting, or at even an art gallery. As art is not confined to the just painting. People can get emotional toward literature, or television, or film. All of those things are works of art to. People have shed tears over the deaths of characters in books, and movies. Pictures, paintings, sculptures, films can all move and connect people together.


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