week 5 kickstarter project





From the Technology section I took two videos, the nervous dating pitch, and the Fogo. Nervous dating is a site that is supposed to help out introverts meet each other by having friends be with them during dates. And beyond that I really am not sure. The video is very short and explains very little about the process of how nervos dating works. How is this organized, what exactly do the friends help, has anyone used this before, and what have results been? These are all pretty important questions that the video leaves the viewer to think about. There definitely is a market out there for introverted people who have trouble going on dates, but nervous dating does not exactly give them a sure fire solution. At least not based on the video I just watched. Meanwhile Fogo excels. Fogo is a multi purpose survival tool that works as a flashlight, GPS, walkt talkie, and even battery charger. The video clearly and easily demonstrates the Fogo’s usefulness in the outdoors. And it also has good camerawork and actors within it. By the end of the video I exactly know what the Fogo is and why I should get one.

I also took two videos from the film section. One of them was Rifftrax 2015, a kickstarter to fund a rifftrax reading of multiple films. Rifftrax being when a group of people make funny commentary on movies, usually really bad ones. The big thing wrong with this video is that it seeks only to appeal to people who have seen previous Rifftrax, and not try to get new people in. I feel that not enough people even know what Rifftrax is, and even if they do know then the two jokes they used in the video were no funny enough to get new people. The people in charge of the video should have put more heavy hitting comedy, and more bad movies. Because by continually going to the older audience they are keeping potential new viewers away. The second video is an exercise  in being short and simple. The goal of the second video is to get new seats for the Carolina theatre. The video involves a brief text explaining that the old seats are 21 years old. And then brings out new seats for random customers to try out. Immediately after seeing the new seats and the customers reaction I feel it would be almost illogical to not give this kickstarter money at all. There really is not any reason why anyone would be compelled not to give money.


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