Student Conversation week 5 Antonio Jimenez


Antonio is a College Freshman attending CSULB. His goal, unlike mine is to become a psychologist. And he to is not good particularly good at art, in the sense that he can not draw, sculpt, or paint. However what he lacks in ability he makes up for in appreciation. He says he loves looking at art pieces and has them decorated in his room. The main reason he is taking art 110 is because he really likes to appreciate art.

While I have a basic knowledge of ceramics from High school and fairly good at designing pattern work, I to do not consider myself an “art person” I to can appreciate art. And because in High school I took honors English and AP Language I am very good at articulating my thoughts about art. I have been getting near perfect scores on nearly all my posts for that reason. For example two weeks ago I looked at a surreal painting of a nightmarish skull-octopus creature. And after a conversation with the artist she explained how she worked especially in the color aspect I looked at the painting again.

I noticed the different hughes and blends of color splashed about the page and appreciated it more than what I previously did.Witch also leads to another thing about Antonio, he finds the class fun and relaxing. And as someone who is taking hard classes at the moment I can relate. A class that conceit’s of learning about other people, watching art, and doing fun activities can be immensely helpful when compared to the rigor of calculus, and Physics.


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