Artist Interview week 5 Diana Franco

IMG_0082 IMG_0084 IMG_0085

When We think of Nature and Civilization or “humanity” wee think of conflict. Men cutting down trees, climate change, and men being above animals. Diana Franco forgoes this and simply features nature and civilization in there coexistence. And how they interact. While we see now humans or that many plants or animals we can see the differences in the paintings. And in her own words we can see the “flux” between both of them.

For example in many of the paintings I see two different styles of shapes. I see the hard straight line rectangle structures, and the more flowing gentle shapes. As it is known, most things in nature do not follow straight line, and most living things are not hard straight line, and gray. When you think of hard straight rectangular objects you tend to think of buildings, and structures that could have only been built by men.

Contrastly, the other shapes flow outward, they’re curvy, and have no definite shape. Much like when you look at nature you find a lot more curves and chaos. Because the natural world is dynamic and changing, and also unpredictable. These two worlds exist side by side. And it is the way things are and have been since humans have started to band together to form civilization. And just because that divide is there does not mean is has to be a rough one.


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