Mina Show Project Week 4


As Introverted person I really don’t do big parties or really any type of big social event. But I’ve been wanting to change that since I’ve gotten to college. One of the big things that I think is going to help me in that was joining a fraternity. I am only 1 week into pledging and already I have probably talked with more people in one week than 1 year of high school in just the rush events. And I have already gotten along well with my other pledges.

So this week the “Mina Project Activity” just so happened to land on the date when the first Sorority event the “Party Hearty” was going on. So i did something that I never would have done one year prior, I went. And as a FIJI pledge I went with pledge book in hand, and in full suit and tie only to realize something that made me cringe when I got there. As it turned out FIJI was the only fraternity that made its pledges both were a suit and tie, and carrying a pledge book. And in addition to that I was the first one there, so I was the only person in a suit and tie at the entire party, and I knew nobody.

For a while I stood in awkward silence fake checking my phone, and my watch every once and a while so I didn’t look like I was alone. But then the time came when the other pledges came and joined me, eight in total. And then things weren’t so bad. As a group we moved around, talked with girls, and other new fraternity members and actually had a good time, even if we were sticking out like a sore thumb I actually for the first time was not alone and waiting for this event to end.


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