Josef Cardoso Conversation week 4


Josef Cardoso is a csulb student studying the interesting field of human development, a topic i have never heard of before, but now am intrigued. Josef told me that from early on he did not know what he went to do when he got to college. But he also did not want to be confined to a single subject matter. A stark difference form my determination to being an engineer. He tells me that his biggest goal was to be a “jack of all trades”, but a master of none.

Human development in itself is knowing a little bit of everything. It is the study of “what is normal?”. And as he puts it is the almost opposite of psychology, which deals what is abnormal in human beings. In fact the primary goal he tells me is studying human interactions. It requires a lot of thought to really think about what is normal because we do a lot of things without thinking.

But despite the choice of major we actually do have something slightly in common. Josef has a hobby in 3d digital art, which turns out to be the reason why he is taking the class. Josef uses his hobby to post his art online for free. And is considering making the jump to selling. In a way this is similar to me on my comicbookmovienews site. I also have an online hobby, “I write article online”. I too am strongly considering making my own site to try and make a little side profit.


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