Artist interview victor Ortega week 4

IMG_0057 IMG_0056 IMG_0055

I remember the video we watched in class about Marina Abramovic. In the video Marina repeats the phrase art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful over and over. And all the meanwhile she combs her hair extremely hard, almost painfully for about 10 minutes. Witch leads us to Victor Ortega, whom in his painting drew figures with very large bodies, large to the point where many would call them fat. And some people would even say ugly. And when reading his artist statement I found that Victor wanted to paint large bodied people simply because he wanted to do something different then the traditional way human bodies are presented.

While I read on I also found that in addition to wanting to make people with large bodies, Victor wanted to make them seem almost androgynous. And make it unclear whether you where looking at a man or a woman in certain cases. Androgyny also being considered not the ideal form of a man or woman. Leading to another trait that could also be considered ugly. Now Victor does make it clear he didn’t intentionally want to paint ugly people, he just wanted to present the human body in a different way then we usually see it.

Art does not have to be something beautiful, or ugly. You don’t have to make the perfectly sculptured human figure like a renaissance artist, or a nightmarish surreal  creation as I wrote about last week. It can just be something different. A way to show something to the audience that they would not have normally seen, and make them think about for the rest of the day. And also like in the case of Victor Ortega it could just have happened on a whim.


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