Yiren Kwak & Maryanne Gonzales Artist interview, Week 3


During my initial walkthrough of the Gatov West art Gallery I noticed very explosive art. Everything had a very surrell feel to it, the strange almost nightmarish creatures. For example this picture we see s skull like head with piercing blue eyes in a fearfull glance. Then we see tentacles growing out of the skull, and even more weird this being seems to be doing battle with other tentacles coming from off screen with big mouths. But perhaps the strangest thing is the guitar bursting from the top of the head.

Then I got to my artist conversation. In it the artists (Yiren Kwak and Maryanne Gonzalez) they gave me new things to notice and appreciate about their artwork. The artists noted that one of the most important things is color. And how color can make a painting flow, and animate it. They also mentioned how much they enjoy going into the more abstract area of art to create something new and never before seen. And even give a sense of emotion.

So when I look back at this painting I can see what the artists where talking about. I notice the flowing orange, blues, and a distinct bit of pink. defiantly saw the abstract nature of the piece, and must say I have never seen a tentacle skull creature do battle with other tentacles. And I can see the sadness/fearfulness’ coming from this strange never been seen before being, all from the way the blue eyes are angled.


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