Week 3 Social Photography


This week in our instagram project we posted various pictures we took that day and posted them online of the whole class to see. I personally posted four pictures, one of my dog Tickles, another of my fraternity Bid, one of my messy desk, and lastly a picture of a small ceramic project I did in my High school for my ceramic class. All of the items I posted mean a little something to me. My fraternity bid is something I worked hard to get, my dog tickles is someone I really care about, my messy desk is where all my school work gets done, and my ceramic work is one of the few works of art I can create.

So when I thought about it I got thinking, what would it mean to other people? Based simply on this image does some person know that this is my dog? Does someone know that I visited five fraternity houses before I found the one I can see myself at for a long time? Do they know that the ceramic work I posted is the only art that I am some what good at? Or do they think it is just mundane things I took pictures of?

Then I got thinking more, what am I seeing? Is the picture of a burger this persons favorite burger or is it that they wanted to just get the project over with so they took a picture of an ordinary fast food cheeseburger? Because based only on the picture I can not tell. I use the pictures of the dogs as an example (mine is the one with the collar). I wonder what all these three different dogs mean to three different people.


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