Hung Trinh Student Conversation Week 3


Hung Trinh is a sophomore at csulb and also a classmate. And in my conversation with him I discovered that we do have some things in common with each other. Both of us commute from home, and do not dorm. We also both really like to take naps because of our schedule’s. And in addition to that we both like to work out to stay in shape, he does basketball/gym and I like to run. Hung, when asked about the class said he was initially skeptical about the class but as it continued he grew to appreaciate it. And now his perception has changed. Much like mine, as it took me two weeks to get used to the class.

However we where not without our differences, Hung wants to use his CSULB education to become a healthcare administrator. The medical field being in a very different place then the mechanical engineering one. But I think the major one is that he does have a job. He works as a receptionist at Newport, a job that while does not pay a lot of money, does still give him workplace experience, and some money at the side.

This has made me think. Over my first and part of my second semester I Rushed various fraternities and in doing so I talked with man people. I found that many people in CSULB do have jobs. And if the whole point of college is to get a degree to get a job, it isn’t that bad idea to find one, albeit not at the same difficulty earlier. Like Hung who works as a receptionist.


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