Alex Kivuls

For my weekly conversation with a classmate I met with Alex Kivuls, someone going a similar path that I am taking, but with a different starting route. Like me Alex Kivuls is taking some hard classes, such as calculus, and has an interest in technology. Him being into software, and me being a mechanical engineer, we both have challenging college lives ahead of us. In fact when I mentioned how my brother (who also wants to get into computer science) has a pet peeve for the inaccuracy of programming in Hollywood movies, he laughed and said he does as well. But what is interesting is that despite our similarities we came from two different types of parents. My parents where both engineers, one software, and one mechanical, and ofcourse my little brother. However Alex is the sole person in his family to want to get into software engineering. His father being a doctor and mother an architect. Alex even admits to having to self teach himself a lot of what he currently knows. This makes me wonder if I would have picked the same career path had my parents and family all been in the engineering field.


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