Action in art


Who are these people? What year are they in? Why does the the man and woman look solemn. And for what reason is the man in the background fixing a robot? These are all questions this picture displays. But in creating these questions, the artist adds something to the painting, action. These people and objects in the painting are not standing still, they in the middle of a process. This painting acts like a snapshot in their life story, and there is so much to take from it. For example the man sitting on the stoll, he seems to be building/fixing the giant robot. We can see that he still has work to do because the robot is missing his arms, and there is still some internal problems to mend. We can also see the sunset in the background, so maybe the man has been working for a long time and still not created/fixed the robot. This might also be why the man and the woman in the foreground look solemn, it could be that this robot is important and they can’t wait any longer for the man to fix/create it.

I feel as though you could take a fantastical science fiction story straight from this painting. You could rewind or fast forward the time and get another dynamic image of these three characters.




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